Principal Message

Religious cum arts education is complimentary to each other. In fact it is the duty of a scholar to gain knowledge whatever be it that is helpful for religious propagation. It is obvious that those who obtained profound knowledge in religious matters gave leadership for the advancement of religion in the course of time. The sharee'ath colleges and darses were built across the state to realize this aim. The jamia ash'ariyya is one of such a noble initiative. The curriculum was formed taking in to account the amalgamation of the inherited Muthawal syllabus with a UGC approved masters degree.

The emphasis was given for topics such as the Holly Qur'an, Hadees, Fikh, Arabic literature and comparative study of religions to accelerate the Islamic mode of education. The service of eminent teachers is another highlight. The institution is run by CM Makham Shareef Mahallu Jama'ath providing free of cost education, food and accommodation. May the Almighty Allah entertain this as a good deed.