C.M. Makham Jamia Ash'ariyya Islamic and Arts is a center for higher education in both Islamic and material Studies in the spiritual presence of C.M. Muhammed Aboobacker Valiyullahi. Within a short period of time itself the institution proved its scholastic nature and efficiency. Now the fame of the institution reached even the out of Kerala.

Religious and secular streams of education are parallel to each other. In Islamic perspective there is no any division between them. Renaissance and reformation are occurred in the history due to the great influence of such scholars and leaders who are capable to understand the importance of synthesis of secular and religious knowledge. A lot of such systems and colleges are well functioning in Kerala. Jamia As'ariyya is such an institution which follows a systematic method of synchronization of both religious and secular education. The institution is proud to announce that the passed out scholars of this institution are working as Imams and Khathibs in various Mahallu Jamath, Media Persons and are capable to pass National Eligibility Test (NET).

Sayyid Muhammed Jifri Muthukoya Thangal , President of Samastha Kerala Jamiyathul Ulama and E. Ahammed Kutty Faisy are respectively working as current Principal and Vice Principal of the Institution. The institution is assured to have the Thazkiyath classes, for students at certain intervals, of Vavad Kunjikoya Musliyar for molding the behavior of them. Well skilled and experienced faculty of the institution includes 10 religious teachers and 10 teachers for handling classes for Arts and English subjects.


It was the long cherished dream of CM Valiyullahi to have a great reputed center for Islamic Higher Education in Madavoor. That was fulfilled when Shamsul Ulama EK Aboobakar Musliyar laid down in 1995 for the institution in a function presided by CM Muhammed Musliyar, brother of CM Valiyullahi and inaugurated by Sayyid Umar Ali Shihab Thangal in 1997. Now it is a center of hope for one who is too fond of having religious knowledge.

Standardization and Modernization of traditional Dars system was a need of community, in modern era, to face and challenge the current issues related to the religion and to make use of modern methodology and technology for propagating Islam. At this point of thought, as per the direction and suggestion of Parannur PP Ebrahim Musliyar, CM Makham Mahallu Jamath decided to design a new systematic curriculum synthesizing both religious and secular stream of education that was the most crucial moment of initiating Jamia Asa'riyya Islamic & Arts.