Exam - Board of Exam

The CAC Board of Examinations was established with the prime objective of improving the quality of the Education by elevating the level and establishing standards of examinations in the central and affiliated colleges. The Board at present conducts higher secondary degree and postgraduate examinations in all disciplines approved by the Board. The CAC BOARD has laid down standards for higher secondary degree and postgraduate examinations conducted by various colleges, yet the levels of proficiency and standards of evaluation vary considerably in these institutions. The primary objective of the Examination Board is to develop examination and assessment procedures, including conduct of examinations, security of examination papers, duties of invigilators and markers, moderation of marks and handling of student appeals. The Examination Board comprises of the Chairman, Sayyid Muhammed Jifri Muthukkoya Thangal and other academicians.

The Department is divided into following the parts, on functional basis:

Pre-Examination work:
  • To prepare schedule of Examinations
  • To appoint Paper-setters, Examiners, Moderators Senior Supervisors
  • To appoint Vigilance Squads
  • To appoint Directors of Central Assessment Programme, fix of venue of Central Assessment Programme, seating Arrangement of students,
  • To prepare Examinations Programmes of all the Examinations (Time Table); making arrangement for advances to the colleges and Departments.
  • To distribute Stationery to the concerned Centers, distribution of Question papers to the examination Centres etc.
  • Actual Conductance of Examination and Preparation of Results
  • To make arrangement for Vigilance Squads
  • To visit various examinations centers
  • To make arrangement to collect the answer books from the various examinations centers
  • To get the answer books to assessed by the examiners/moderators
  • To receive the report of the Unfair means cases reported by the vigilance squads from the examination centers
  • To receive the Practical examinations, Mark lists from the concerned Chairman, examination Centers
  • To process the result on Computers / Manually
  • To declare the results of various examinations, to send the result etc. to the colleges concerned
  • Post Examination work
  • To receive the verification and Revaluation forms from the colleges/Students
  • To make the arrangement for the verification and revaluation of answer books
  • To send the result of verification and revaluation to the colleges/Students
  • To receive application for Certificates
  • To make the arrangement for distribution of certificates
  • To make arrangement of the answer books received from the examination centers and preserve the record of examination
  • To deal with the cases of unfair means, lapses on the part of the students and teachers respectively
  • To issue revised mark-sheets on the basis of change in revaluation etc.