Jamia As'ariyya Islamic and Arts

C.M. Makham Jamia Ash'ariyya Islamic and Arts is a center for higher education in both Islamic and material Studies in the spiritual presence of C.M. Muhammed Aboobacker Valiyullahi. Within a short period of time itself the institution proved its scholastic nature and efficiency. Now the fame of the institution reached even the out of Kerala.

Religious and secular streams of education are parallel to each other. In Islamic perspective there is no any division between them. Renaissance and reformation are occurred in the history due to the great influence of such scholars and leaders who are capable to understand the importance of synthesis of secular and religious knowledge. A lot of such systems and colleges are well functioning in Kerala.

Principal's Message

Religious cum arts education is complimentary to each other. In fact it is the duty of a scholar to gain knowledge whatever be it that is helpful for religious propagation. It is obvious that those who obtained profound knowledge

CM Makham Uroos Mubarak

The divine Graves of Emperor Qutbus Sulthan Sheikh CM Aboobacker Musliyar Radiyallh Ta'ala anhu, Madavoor, a naturally bestowed green village, located at the centre of Calicut District, 21 km far-off from Calicut and 3.5 km away from Calicut – Wayanad National Highway.