CM Makham Jamia As’ariyya Islamic and Arts

CM Makham Jamia As’ariyya Islamic and Art C.M. Makham Jamia As’ariyya Islamic and Arts is a center for higher education in Islamic Studies in the spiritual presence of CM Valiyullahi. Within a short period of time itself the institution proved it’s scholastic nature and efficiency. Now the fame of the institution reached even the out of Kerala... Read More

Message from the Principal

Religious cum arts education is complimentary to each other. In fact it is the duty of a scholar to gain knowledge whatever be it that is helpful for religious propagation. It is obvious that those who obtained profound knowledge in religious matters gave leadership for the advancement of religion in the course of time. Read More

Curriculum and Examination

The institution follows a systematic method of synchronization of both religious and secular education. Admission to the course is through an entrance exam for those who have the eligibility for higher studies in SSLC and who passed 7th Standard of Samastha Kerala Islam Matha Vidyabyasa Board or Equivalent. At religious stream the institution offers Mutaval Degree (Ash’ary) and at secular stream M.A. English Literature. Read More

Zeenathu Twalaba Students Association

Zeenathu Twalaba is the Association of the students of the institution. It plays a major role in organizing extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Now it has 10 sub committees to perform its various activities and their activities are noteworthy. Especially, the Hubbu Rasul Seminar conducted by the association at Community Hall Koduvally needs mention. Read More

Application Download

The students seeking admission should fill up the admission forms which are at the CM Makham Jamia As’ariyya Islamic & Arts office or you can download from here